For the 27th consecutive year, the Raid EDHEC will take place at the end of May, from , May 28h till, June 1rd, 2020, at the heart of the magnificient landscapes of the South Alps. This high-level multi-sport Raid organized by students was created in 1994 by Sébastien Ledoux.

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A multi-sport Raid

A Multisport Raid is a discipline which is growing for outdoor sportsmen (practicing in particular trail running and mountain biking) under the leadership of theFédération Française de Triathlon since late 2017.

A raid consists of a series of 100% nature events that are always done in teams. The raid combines different disciplines that vary according to the opportunities offered by the field: we usually find running, mountain biking and orienteering to which can be added the Run&Bike, Canoe, Archery, Biathlon,
Canyoning, Via Ferrata… A raid is a real adventure that combines endurance, versatility and team spirit, all in a privileged natural setting.

The entirety of the Raid EDHEC is set in orientation: maps indicate the location of the different beacons and the order of events of the day is unveiled that morning. The participants must skillfully use their sense of direction and make strategic choices when it comes to arbitration between different patgs of when it is necessary to determine if it is interesting to go for a bonus tag.

Throughout the race, competitors discover exceptional landscapes, express their passion for sport and competition and share unforgettable sensations.

Red Jersey Challenge

A new challenge was born during the 24th Raid EDHEC: the Red Jersey

The teams are ranked each day on a different specific sport characteristic as part of the Red Jersey Challenge and the team ranked first at the end of the five days will have the honor of receiving the red jersey on his shoulders. A lot will also accompany the delivery of this jersey.


Test the abilities of each team on sections of course with different characteristics to designate the most complete sport team!


Each day, a section of the course, named “special”, will be marked and will evaluate a specific quality among the participants. The three dominant events of the raids will be evaluated: the Trail, the VTT and Kayak. The sections can take different forms: dry climb, technical descent, rolling track…


At the end of the day, a point classification will be established according to the rank of each team on the selected section.

The results

The team ranked first at the end of the five days will have the honor of receiving the red jersey on his shoulders. A gift lot will also accompany the delivery of this jersey.

The EDHEC Raid and the French Multisport Raid Championship

The EDHEC Raid was, in 2014 and in 2016, and will be for the 28th edition, a qualifying round of the French Multisports Raid Challenge (equivalent of a French Championship), consisting of 11 official rounds that vary each year, all selected by the Fédération Française de Triathlon. Each round has its own characteristics in terms of number of team members, days and events. Participants choose the raids they want to participate in and are awarded points based on their results.

The participants

The Raid EDHEC is for teams of 3 or 2 people: women’s, men’s or mixed teams. Team spirit, solidarity and surpassing oneself are necessary to overcome the obstacles that came across their path.

Recognized as one of the most difficult raids in France, the Raid EDHEC mainly attracts semi-professionnal athletes (sponsored), accustomed to the nature Raids. Each year, some student teams take up the challenge. The competitors come from Europe and the entire world (Denmark and Ireland were represented on the 22nd edition, Hong Kong and United Kingdom on the 23rd).

The course

The course, renewed each edition, always at the heart of the South Alps and the Nice hinterland, is kept secret until the departure. However, some features remain unchanged from year to year. Thus it totals about 200km for 8000m of ascendent elevation (without the bonus tags) distributed in a balanced way between mountain bike and Trail. Each day is also accompanied by an additional event: Via Ferrata, Biathlon, Canyoning, Canoeing or Orienteering for example.

The live

The contestant is provided on each edition with GPS trackers that allow their relatives and fans to follow them through the course and track their progress at all the different tags live! A provider supply us with a live map with trackers that we integrate into the Live section of the Raid EDHEC internet site (activated during the event). This section also allows us to post information about the event of the competition continuously.

The arrival of the Raid EDHEC: Castle Hill

Since the first edition in 1994, the Raid EDHEC strives to make the arrival a convivial moment intended to welcome the general public and to share with them our passion for nature sports, this passion which has been bringing together participants and organizers during 5 intensive days.

The arrival is usually on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice for a grandiose moment which also allows all partners of the Raid EDHEC to obtain high visibility. Animations and stands are planned every year on this arrival village, which passers-by have the chance to discover for an afternoon.

In 2017, the arrival village reinvented itself and was held for the first time on the Castle Hill, offering participants a dream come true on the heights of Nice, a place of walk with remarkable landscape. It will be the same in 2020, where the 27th edition of the EDHEC Raid will find its point of arrival on the hill of the Castle in Nice.